白石 幸榮

Karuizawa New Art Museum (KaNAM) is pleased to announce the opening of the Venice branch (limited opening from May to November in 2019) in the heart of Venice, San Marco Square in the same period of the Venice Biennale, the world’s largest art festival.

“Diversity for Peace!”

This is the title of our exhibition. We -human beings- have diversified various tendencies such as philosophy, discipline, credo, and preference, on the process of our evolution. This all-rounded extension will be even further accelerated towards the 22nd century. Art is the only existence that can transgress any kind of boundary (philosophy, religion, race, sex, etc.), having tolerance for others while being self-sufficient in itself. If we deny the difference, there is only a conflict. On the contrary, if we accept the difference, there is a spread of peace.


This time, KaNAM met ten young promising artists from every corner of the world and organized their group show. It is obvious that each locality has their own tradition, cultural climate, and faith. However, what we are expecting from the visitors is to witness the identical difference of each artist, and to think over the reason why they are so beloved by local peoples, their popularity transgresses the border being accepted internationally, and what is the essence of this phenomenon.

這次, KaNAM與10位來自世界各地的藝術家相遇並且為他們策劃了他們的聯合展覽。每個地區都有他們自己的傳統,文化,氣候和信仰。我們期待此次前來的觀眾們可以感受每位藝術家可辨別的差異,思考他們為何如此受到當地人們喜愛的原因,他們受歡迎的程度超越了國際之間的界線。思考這種現象的本質。

In order to understand the current situation and the future of human beings, contemporary art is the most suitable reference material. Although human beings are constantly exposed to ever-changing transformation, we hope the visitors will enjoy the very process of this vicissitude.


After the exhibition in the world famous “lagoon city” Venice, which has flourished as a historical cultural junction for centuries, the Olympic games in Tokyo and the Expo in Osaka will come next. If the visitors have an opportunity of travelling to Japan, we hope they will also make a trip to Karuizawa, where KaNAM is organizing spectaculars shows.


In conclusion, we sincerely pray for the peace and great happiness of all art lovers.