Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKEDJapan

Since founding the creative company NAKED Inc. in 1997, the Tokyo based artist has lead projects in various fields such as film, television, music videos, advertisements, and spatial presentation. The films he directed have received more than 48 nominations and awards at film festivals around the world. In recent years he has produced immersive art events including FLOWERS by NAKED and TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED, along with events, installations, and live performances in collaboration with leaders of traditional Japanese culture. While teaching as visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts, he also leads local revitalization events and cultural programs in communities around Japan, starting with Achi Village, Nagano where he is branding director. In 2018, he started creating art work as a solo artist and presented his first series of works titled 001 at Whitestone gallery Ginza in September 2018.

About NAKED Inc.

NAKED Inc. is a Tokyo based creative company Ryotaro Muramatsu founded in 1997. Following the corporate visions of “Core creative” “Total Creation” “Borderless Creativity”, the company has presented works throughout the years in film, television, music videos, advertisements, spatial presentation, local community revitalization, and education programs. In recent years, NAKED Inc. has produced a number of projection mapping spectacles and immersive exhibitions such as FLOWERS by NAKED and TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED. In 2017, the company opened an experiential restaurant TREE by NAKED in Tokyo.

Recent Projects(excerpts)

2019 “FLOWERS BY NAKED 2019” (Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Tokyo, JP)
2018 “Winter Night Tour 2018 STARS BY NAKED” (Nagano, JP)
“001” Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED First Solo Exhibition (Whitestone Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo)
“TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED” (Huashan 1914, Taipei, Taiwan)
“AQUARIUM BY NAKED” (Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China)
“WORLD DESIGN WEEKS presents WORLD FLOWERS by NAKED” (Milano Triennale, Milan, Italy)


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    Hazama -A Space Between- / Interactive work


    Styrene, sand, projection mapping, laser range scanner

    115.0 × 205.0 × 12.9 cm

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    Dandelion 001 / Interactive work


    Wood, styrene, microfiber, projection mapping, interactive programming

    180.0 × 90.0 × 30.0 cm (3 panels)



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