Miwa KomatsuJapan

Born in Nagano in 1984, Komatsu spent her childhood immersed in nature, surrounded by animals and rich natural landscapes. Her artwork reflects this special connection to nature and its life cycles, resulting in works that convey a profound meditation and unique view on the beauty that can be found in life and death. Komatsu began copperplate engraving whilst studying at Joshibi College of Art and Design, and her work entitled “The Forty-ninth Day” was praised for its moving originality. After creating this piece when she was just 20 years of age, Komatsu began to concentrate on her career as a professional painter. She also started to expand her ways of expression by incorporating materials such as acrylic paint and even Arita porcelain in her art. Komatsu’s artwork often incorporates performance elements and explores themes such as life and death, and the gods and spiritual beings that preside over the earthly and ethereal realms. She has presented numerous solo shows at The Museum of Tetsu, Kitano Museum of Art Annex and Ueda City Museum of Art in her birth city of Nagano. In 2014 Komatsu dedicated her work to the Izumo Taisha Shrine, the oldest shrine in Japan and considered to be where the deity has the strongest presence, which elevated her creative power even further. In 2015 she collaborated with the landscape artist Kazuyuki Ishihara exhibiting her Arita porcelain ‘Guardian Lion Dogs’ at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, which won the Gold Prize and is now part of the permanent collection at the British Museum. Komatsu’s art continues to attract international attention and has been collected by institutions such as the World Trade Center in New York. In addition, the artist won YOUNG ARTIST OF THE YEAR in 2017 and has been invited to appear in television advertisements as well as becoming the Official Ambassador for Maison Christian Dior. Her December 2018 solo show saw record figures for attendance and sales, evidence of Komatsu’s ever-growing influence and activity in Japanese art scene.


2018 Premio Leone Komainu d’Oro at the Fukushima Biennale (Fukushima, Japan)
2016 Permanent display of “The Origin of Life” at the World Trade Center (New York, US)
2015 Permanent display of ‘Guardian Lion Dog: Heaven and Earth” at the British Museum (London, Great Britain), RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015: Gold Medalist
2014 Dedication ‘Shin-Fudoki’ to Izumo Oyashiro (Izumo Grand Shrine), and exhibit at Shin-ko-den (Shimane, JP)
2013 Prix Canson: World’s Best 39 Finalist (France)
2005 Joshibi College of Art and Design: Best Award (Tokyo, JP)

Solo exhibitions (excerpts)

2018 solo show ‘Yamato-power to the world’ at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Gallery, recorded the best sales and attendance in the past thirty-years at Mitsukoshi gallery (Tokyo)
2018 Creation of huge mural painting (7m × 7m) at the entrance hall of the Iwate Educational Center (Iwate, JP)
2017 ‘Shinju (Divine SPIRIT)-Area21’ at Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioi Conference (Tokyo); solo exhibition at Whitestone Ginza New Gallery as the opening exhibition of gallery’s new space (Tokyo)
2016 Permanent display of ‘The Origin of Life’ at the 4 World Trade Center (New York); ‘Continue to Throw the Light on, Keep on Walking Towards the New Era’ Celebrating G7 Transport Minister’s Meeting at Karuizawa New Art Museum (Nagano, JP); Fukushima Biennale 2016 (Fukushima), Solo Exhibition “Miwa Komatsu” at Ginza Mitsukoshi Gallery (Tokyo)
2015 Chelsea Flower Show 2015 (London)
2014 ‘Miwa Komatsu’ at Ueda City Art Museum (Nagano); Art exhibit inspired by the film by Joe Hahn of Linkin Park ‘Beast Astray’ at the Known Gallery (Los Angeles, US)
2013 L’exposition du Prix Canson: 39 Nominees Special Exhibition at the Petit Palais Museum (Paris); ‘Black & White World’ ‘Entity World’ at the Muse Museum (Kawaguchiko, JP); 10th Nagano Lantern Festival ‘Resonance of 4 Gods’ at the Zenko Shrine (Nagano); ‘Awakening and Mystery from Shinshu-The Origin-’ at the Kitano Art Museum Annex (Nagano)


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    Pray for Prosperity


    Acrylic on canvas

    162.0 × 130.0 cm

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    Inugami-sama Zenei (gurdian dog, vanguard)


    Mixed media

    24.6 × 64.7 × 50.5 cm



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