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Born in Beijing, Huang Yuxing graduated from the Department of Mural Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. He was the first guest artist at the Yuz Museum Project Room in 2015. Huang Yuxing's work is not limited to the standard of a certain ideal image, but also grows naturally from within the painting. From the beginning of his career, water, whirlpools, forests, minerals, crystals and even architecture have been consistently his favorite motifs. Although never tries to precisely represent these objects naturalistically, he has neither completely abandoned their shape in the real world. Moreover, he even attempts to reconstruct the impression of these objects. For example, when standing in front of a river, people usually tend to stare blankly without realizing it. The colors that Huang Yuxing loads onto the canvas immerse the audience in the same emptiness. But different from the Pointillism of Post-Impressionists, Huang never passively waits for the audience's eyes to mix the solid colors, but overlaps the colors and adjusts them over and over to finally reach his point of satisfaction; he intends to evoke the energy within his paintings by abiding this creative process. The modification of colors, shapes and compositions have taken control of the artist and kept him busy. It is during this process that the painting gains for itself a life of freshness and self-sufficiency, as well as the motivation for continuous growth.

Recent Solo Exhibitions (excerpts)

Mostre personali recenti (estratti):

2018 “Kingdom of Gold” (Whitestone Gallery Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan)
2016 “AND NE FORHTEDON NÁ” (Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong, China)
2015 “Alluvial Huang Yuxing 2005–2015” (Minsheng Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, CN)
“Liquidus” (YUZ Museum, Shanghai)
2014 “The River's Gobbled Up Trees and He'll Swallow You Next” (Antenna Space, Shanghai)
2013 “Le Coursd'un Fleuve” (Galerie Paul Frèches, Paris, France)
2012 “Huang Yuxing” (Beijing Commune, Beijing, CN)
“Jardin des Révolutionnaires” (Galerie Paul Frèches, Paris)
2010 “Light -Huang Yuxing's Drawing Exhibition” (Star Gallery, Beijing; Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai)

Group Exhibitions (excerpts)

Mostre collettive recenti (estratti):

2016 “Illusion: Cheng Ran, Huang Yuxing, Xue Feng (curator: Shi Zheng, Night Gallery, LA, US)
“Dissensus Agitation-The Painting to Language” (Today Art Museum, Beijing)
“Over the Wall-Paintings Tempted by Installation” (Tang Contemporary Art Center, Beijing)
“Unrealities in the Reality–The Intellectual Dimension of Daily Life”, “Too Loud a Solitude–Stalkers of Chinese Contemporary Art” (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing)
2014 “In Memory of a Landscape–Chen Yujun, Huang Yuxing, Yuan Yuan” (James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai)
“Presenting Recital Louder than Paint” (Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai)
2013 “Flame and the Sea: Gao Weigang, Huang Yuxing and Ouyang Chun” (Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong)
“Uneasy Trip in Asia III” (CANS Tea & Books House, Taipei)
2012 “China-XinJiang the Contemporary Art Biennale” (WuLuMuQi, CN)
“Lust and Love of the Young and Liberated” (798 SPACE, Beijing)
2011 “70s Present Continuous (LIN & LIN GALLERY, Taipei)
“Learning Method-Hands On No. 4” (V Arts Center Space, Shanghai)
2010 “DU-CROSSOVER” (Around Space, Shanghai)


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    Land Of Growth


    Acrylic on canvas

    145.0 × 230.0 cm

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    Pretentious Ideal Family


    Acrylic on canvas

    90.0 × 70.0 cm


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