Ahhi ChoiKorea / Japan

Ahhi Choi was born in Hyogo Prefecture Japan in 1983. The curvilinear movement in the work of Ahhi Choi is both buoyant and ecstatic, expressing the innate sense of adventure the artist possesses. He gained recognition after showing in New York in 2014 and has since exhibited internationally including in the United States, France, Italy, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Choi’s work can be perceived as reflection of his subconscious mind. After studying in Los Angeles he traveled through the Western United States. During that trip, Choi explored the expansive network of National Parks, from Death Valley, the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone. It was during this stateside excursion that the artist developed an intimate bond with the grandeur and majesty of nature. Upon his return to his home city of Kobe, a malaise set in for Choi and it was the cramped and overcrowded lifestyle of urban Japan that was causing him to feel nostalgic. Taking the flashes of inspiration that the artist experienced in day-to-day life he began to take ink to paper forming an abstract diary of his adventures. Letting his hand move organically across the page, Choi would interpret the silhouettes, pictures, words and letters from the well of his memory into energetic lines that are ubiquitous in throughout his work. In addition to painting, the artist has also extensively engaged in other artistic creations, including the design of shoes, fabrics, wine labels, cell phone cases and CD covers.

Exhibitions (excerpts)

2018 Solo Exhibition (Whitestone Gallery Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan)
Solo Exhibition (OKANO-Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan)
Solo Exhibition (Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa, Nagano, JP)
KIAF Korea International Art Fair 2018 (Seoul, Korea)
“My Eyes Vol.7” (Gallery World Times, Hyogo, JP)
Art Central (Hong Kong, CN)
Art Shenzhen (Shenzen, CN)
Art Nanjing (Nanjin, CN)
Art 021 (Shanghai, CN)
Art Taipei 2018 (Taipei, TW)
2017 “My Eyes Vol.6” (Gallery World Times, Hyogo)
Solo Exhibition (SAMTOH GALLERY, Seoul, KR)
Busan Art Show (Busan, KR)
Art Taipei 2017 (Taipei)
Daegu Art Fair (Daegu, KR)
2016 Nu Chayamachi (Osaka, JP)
Asian Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)
Daegu Art Fair (Daegu, KR)
Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Singapore)
2015 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair 2015 (California, US)
Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
The MICAM (Milan, Italy)
Art Busan 2015 (Busan)
Art Osaka 2015 (Osaka)
“My Eyes Vol.4” (Gallery World Times, Hyogo)
KIAF Korea International Art Fair 2015 (Seoul)
Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka (Osaka)
The Hotel & Residence Roppongi (Tokyo)
2014 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair 2014 (California)
Busan Art Show 2014 (Busan)
“My Eyes in New York” BCS Gallery (New York, US)
Long Island University Solo Exhibition (NY)
Art Hampton 2014 (NY)
KIAF Korea International Art Fair 2014 (Seoul)
“My Eyes Vol.3” (Gallery World Times, Hyogo)
The MICAM (Milan)
2013 “100 Artist Exhibition” (Ouchi Gallery New York, NY)
“My Eyes Vol.2” (Gallery World Times, Hyogo)
Artex Seoul -Gallery GODO- (Seoul)
Artex Tokyo (Tokyo)
2012 “My Eyes Vol.1” (Gallery World Times, Hyogo)
Art Shopping 2012 (Paris, France)


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    Acrylic on canvas

    91.5 × 91.5 cm

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    Taijitu / 陰陽太極図


    Acrylic on board

    100.0 × 100.0 cm



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