Curatorial Concept 策展理念

‘Diversity for Peace!’ seeks to explore the stories behind each artist and their work fusing art and life as we challenge the notion of normality. Located in Piazza San Marco, Venice, the exhibition hopes to create a hub of local and global cultural exchange by using art to encourage critical thought and tolerance. The exhibition will showcase many new commissioned pieces from internationally renowned artists selected from countries across the globe, each bringing their own unique personal experience and cultural background, contributing to the central theme of diversity.Engaging with art is not a solitary act, which is why ‘Diversity for Peace!’ seeks to act as a catalyst to bring people together through art. Each artist has experienced globalisation in various forms, a process that often focuses on superficial standardisation, threatening cultural diversity. If the artist’s role is express their inner self, then the viewer must be able to perceive these individualities and appreciate them for what they are. By following this credo, the exhibition doesn’t follow a strict notion of heterogeneity in the selection of works exhibited, rather it celebrates all forms of difference and individual expression. We hope that this notion of acceptance will inspire the world to be united in our celebration of diversity.

“和平的多樣性”旨在於尋藝術家背後的故事以及在融合了藝術及日常的作品中所挑戰的“正常”。此次展區位於威尼斯的聖馬可廣場,希望可以營造出一個鼓勵批判性思想及高容忍度的一個國際及當地文化交流的中心。此次的展覽會展出精心挑選後國際知名藝術家的新作品,每一位都會帶上他們獨特的個人經驗及文化背景為此次的主題- 多樣性做出貢獻。與藝術為伍不應該是一個孤單的行為,這就是所謂“和平的多樣性”追求以藝術為催化劑使人凝聚再一起。每位藝術家用不一樣的方式感夠全球化,它是一種重於膚淺標準化,威脅到文化多樣性的過程。若藝術家是表達內心自我的角色,那身為觀賞者的我們一定可以感受到這些獨立的自我並且欣賞藝術家真正的自我。通過遵循這一條格言,這次的展覽中所選擇墨做品不會常規的遵守異質性概念,而是慶祝所有形式的差異與個人主張。我們希望這種所謂“接受”的概念可以激勵世界各團能團結一至的慶祝所謂的多樣性。